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Max Marshall is...

A native Englishman, a voice actor, and a singer. He spends time away from the booth obsessing over the latest JRPG, writing essays on game design practices, and resisting the urge to rockstar-style break his guitar during a particularly good riff.Max voices everything with emotive force for clients from his broadcast quality home studio in Brighton, U.K.With BTECs in Performing Arts and Musical Performance, he’s been voicing for over 5 years, and practicing stage and screen acting for even longer.Let Max breathe life into your words.


The Cooler Me


  • Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone

  • Solid State Logic SSL2 interface

  • Reaper daw

  • Custom PVC Structure with Acoustic Blankets recording booth

  • Source Connect || Discord || Skype || Zoom hardwired remote connections


"Max is easy to work with, versatile, professional and a brilliant voice over talent." - Steven Fraser, film director"Max is skilled at listening, staying in the moment and letting go, allowing him to completely embody another character and portray complex emotions." - Chara Lin, actor"Working with Max is a pleasure! He makes sure he really understands the character and delivers professional voice acting with a wide range of emotions." - BoringSuburbanDad, game developer

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